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Middle Schoolers* - 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

HIgh Schoolers - 4 Days A week (Monday, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY) 

year round basis, integrated running and strength training

Each Practice is an hour and 45 minutes

Private Training sessions are available


*Middle Schoolers may also chose 4 day option




Civic Stadium (Bellingham, Wa), Ready-Set-Go Fitness gym (1,053 sq feet), various parks and trails Throughout Whatcom County.



Fees by Season:

fall (October, November)- $300, $400

Winter (December, January, Febuary)- $450, $600

Spring (March, april, may)(Middle School ONly)- $450, $600

summer  (june, july-14)- $225, $300

Prices in blue reflect 3 days a week

prices in red reflect 4 days a week


Year Round Training

We encourage high school athletes to join RSG before and after the high school season, we do not want to conflict with high school programs or coaches because no athlete is successful when they attempt to do two programs.

We also encourage RSG athletes to consider competing after the high school season with RSG Sprinters in Summer all comers meets, other competitive club meets and junior olympics.

Later in the year a Calendar with potential meets will be added

Training Schematics

Circuit training involves performing a series of different exercises in rotation, with little time between exercises, to target strength building, and muscular endurance.

Resistance training purpose is to increase strength by using resistance bands, weighted sleds, tires, hill running, sand runs and bodyweight exercises.

Interval training is a type of training that involves series of low and high intensity workouts with rest periods.

Speed endurance is training to help prolong the amount of time where near maximum speed can be maintained.

Speed training involves utilizing specific sprint drills, repetitive accelerations, and over speed to help increase maximum speed.

Plyometric training involves jump training where muscles exert maximum force in short intervals with the goal of increasing power (speed and strength). Using various heights of boxes and plyo hurdles.

Hurdle training is specific to hurdlers and focuses on hurdle technique to maximum efficiency of sprinting over hurdles, using state of the art drills, foam hurdles, and plyo hurdles.

Mental Training involves teaching mental techniques such as visual cues, positive self talk, concentration, visualization and goal setting to help improve performances on the track.



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